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Max Cea is a writer and filmmaker. He’s written cultural criticism, reported features, essays, and has conducted Q&A’s for Billboard, EsquireGrantland, GQThe New York Times, New York Magazine, and SPIN. He also co-created and edited an arts/adventure/absurdity magazine called The Pink Monkey.

He got his start in film as a production assistant on the late Jonathan Demme's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame installation, The Power of Rock. His first short film, Lost City (2020), was featured on NoBudge. And his next, Fried Shrimp, is coming soon. Blacklist reviewers have said about his feature screenplays: "This script represents a unique and thoroughly inventive vision" and "The concept at the heart of this script is as unique, original, and hilarious as the voices of every member of its cast." 

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